Tuesday, January 10, 2012


These days I am so happy, just like a little curd.
The last day of my job was on December 23rd.

My job was in a building where they animate cartoons . . .
. . . Which sounds like fun, but, oh! it nearly left my nerves in ruins.

Each day was oh so grueling, each hour was like a hurdle, 
In that funny funny place where they are drawing Franklin Turtle.

At last I was exhausted, I frowned and I said "Look --
I want to do my own thing, but you do things by the book."

They said, "Please take some time off, you are looking really stressed.
We'll call you when we need someone who's old, fat, stinky, and oh so depressed."

So now I am at lib'ty, to laugh and run around,
Until I become feral, or a new job can be found.

I'll run around a flower, I'll run around a tree.
I'll run around a mushroom, and around a honey bee.

I want to work upon my blog, and other things as well.
Perhaps it all will come to nought, but only time will tell!


  1. He who laughs last
    Laughs best...
    But if no one is around
    Who will attest?

    Go Graham Go!
    Follow your dreams
    Before that place
    splits you

    In two.

  2. not with my tax money you don't...EFFETE PANSY!!