Monday, March 19, 2012

Web Guys

I thought it might give my blog a nice topical touch
To draw some people who I see on The Internet so much.

So here are three guys who stuck in my mind
From among other people whom I did find.

Jeff Rense
I haven't quite figured this guy out, 
But he is unflappable, there's no doubt!

David Icke (pronounced 'Ike')
Partly a visionary and partly a wank,
He has a british accent, which is really swank!

Gerald Celente
His financial forecasts can be so bleak,
And yet the funny bone he doth tweak!

~     ~     ~

My pencil is smoking, it's really hot,
I must continue this feature next month --  o r   n o t  --

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I just noticed that everything I've been drawing lately, has been a profile view, facing left.
This made me shout, "What's going on -- of wit am I bereft?"
Seeing all the profile views facing left, I just couldn't believe my eyes!
And if you are looking at this blog, I apologize.
It's true that life can be a horrifying, hideous, venal, evil stew,
But it's even worse if you have to keep looking at the same left-facing profile view.
So I promise to try harder next month, I'll stay up late into the night,
Flopping everything in Photoshop, so all the profiles will be facing right.