Thursday, December 27, 2012


This year I finally made some Christmas cards to mail out, but then I discovered I have almost no mailing addresses (only email addresses).  So I will endeavour to collect more mailing addresses, before the next Yule Season!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Season's Greetings!

Usually I just drink some booze and sit around like a lump
But this year I've decided to not be such a grump.
I've rounded up my Christmas decorations, from the damp
And have hung them cheerily on the Christmas floor lamp. 

 Season's Greetings from a pigeon (who's disguised as a Christmas tree)

And Best Wishes from another bird (a robin?) who's boxed in by imaginary worms of ennui

A fake Santa ant says Ho Ho Ho

And an old glove, or rag, or something, has dressed up like a famous reindeer (whose name I think you know)

A silly dog wishes you A Very Merry Christmas, and that's a fact!

And a snail sends warm wishes (though lately he's been becoming generally more and more abstract)

A mother snake and a baby snake send their love

And two fat guys send Christmas Wishes from the "Serpentine Water Trap" hole of a miniature golf course (viewed here from above)

Season's Greetings from that rarity, a horse tadpole

And Best Wishes from a mother horse, and her foal

A Friendly Nod to you! from a jaunty twenty-four-chinned man, who is wearing an Advent cravat

And Season's Greetings from a hideous-looking (but nice) creature who is wearing a Christmas hat

Best Wishes from the Monument To Camaraderie

And a shout out from a Yo-yo tree (oh, but this is just faddery!)

If you look down, you will see a mole sending Christmas Wishes to you

Happy Holidays from a certain bright-nosed reindeer (I think you know who)

Season's Greetings from a cucumber and a leech . . .
I found them in November, on the beach

And Merry Christmas from three partridges in a pear tree
(One is no longer good enough, there have to be three)

Happy New Year from an elephant who is humping a pickup truck

And a fortune cookie has a New Year's Wish for you ~ ~ Best of Luck!