Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Still not much time to sketch, but anyway,
Here are some twigs I found in May.
They are fragile and just lie around,
These funny friends that I have found.


  1. Twigs twigs,
    Wonderful twigs
    great for playing fetch
    with playful guinea pigs

    I once knew a twig
    to thin for a tiara
    that was quite pretty
    even with mascara

    became famous
    from modeling
    and unsung
    from singing

    I guess it's only natural
    for a twig to branch out
    as one dream falls away
    another will sprout

  2. Who knew twigs offered such various delights, such an unseen subject matter.

    My comment is so dry compared to the first. Next time my comment will quench that rhyme thirst!

  3. Sketching twigs can be fun, and I would recommend it to everybody!
    -- I mean everyone!