Saturday, December 22, 2012

Season's Greetings!

Usually I just drink some booze and sit around like a lump
But this year I've decided to not be such a grump.
I've rounded up my Christmas decorations, from the damp
And have hung them cheerily on the Christmas floor lamp. 

 Season's Greetings from a pigeon (who's disguised as a Christmas tree)

And Best Wishes from another bird (a robin?) who's boxed in by imaginary worms of ennui

A fake Santa ant says Ho Ho Ho

And an old glove, or rag, or something, has dressed up like a famous reindeer (whose name I think you know)

A silly dog wishes you A Very Merry Christmas, and that's a fact!

And a snail sends warm wishes (though lately he's been becoming generally more and more abstract)

A mother snake and a baby snake send their love

And two fat guys send Christmas Wishes from the "Serpentine Water Trap" hole of a miniature golf course (viewed here from above)

Season's Greetings from that rarity, a horse tadpole

And Best Wishes from a mother horse, and her foal

A Friendly Nod to you! from a jaunty twenty-four-chinned man, who is wearing an Advent cravat

And Season's Greetings from a hideous-looking (but nice) creature who is wearing a Christmas hat

Best Wishes from the Monument To Camaraderie

And a shout out from a Yo-yo tree (oh, but this is just faddery!)

If you look down, you will see a mole sending Christmas Wishes to you

Happy Holidays from a certain bright-nosed reindeer (I think you know who)

Season's Greetings from a cucumber and a leech . . .
I found them in November, on the beach

And Merry Christmas from three partridges in a pear tree
(One is no longer good enough, there have to be three)

Happy New Year from an elephant who is humping a pickup truck

And a fortune cookie has a New Year's Wish for you ~ ~ Best of Luck!


  1. well, I was hoping this Fawk person could offer up some sort of celebration of Christ's birth without resorting to obscenity, but that panel with the elephant is just too much..I will no longer waste my prayers on him, as there are still abortuaries and Jews I must focus on.